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Sampling Shows Excellent REE Potential from Kimberlites and Related Intrusives at Mt Ida-Ida Valley Project

Commenting on the results of the sampling, Javelin’s Executive Director Mr Matthew Blake said
“The Company has now secured a very strategic tenure of over 2,000 square kilometres just west of Leonora which includes the Turkey Creek kimberlite field. It is pleasing to record the presence of anomalous REE in this same locality and we will progress our understanding of the REE potential here as a priority. Likewise, we have much further work to complete on lithium on the vast pegmatite occurrences within Mt Ida-Ida Valley.”

Project Summary

Javelin expanded and re-named its existing Galah Well and Peperill Hill tenure to the Mt Ida – Ida Valley Project. It was undertaken as a strategic acquisition in a known part of the Western Australian Goldfields (Northern Goldfields).

  • Drilling to commence in late 2023
  • Drilling to focus on Lithium, Rare Earth Elements, Precious Metals and Base Metals.
  • Over 2,200 sq km in area.
  • North of Delta Lithium, Gold and Base Metals exploration activity.
  • Due east of St George’s Lithium and Base Metals occurrences.
  • Tenements cover part of the Zuleica Shear Zone.
  • Ground has prospective structure and intrusives.
  • Excellent potential for more pegmatite (Lithium) discoveries.
  • Aeromag survey completed Feb 2022

Mt Ida - Ida Valley


Northern Goldfields Region, Western Australia


Lithium, Rare Earth Elements, Precious Metals and Base Metals.